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DR Bass Strings Review

DR is a highly respected company that has been hand-making their strings since 1989. They are endorsed by Marcus Miller, Richard Bona, Bootsy Collins, Adam Clayton, Carles Benevant and many others.

DR Bass Strings Comparison

NameWindingMaterialCoreOther InfoModel #



Long Neck
Fat BeamRoundwoundSteelRoundMarcus Miller Signature



Black BeautiesRoundwoundCoatedHex

BootzillasRoundwoundCoatedHexBootsy Collins Signature

Stainless Steel Roundwound:

DR Hi-Beam

DR Hi-Beam

Hi-Beams are steel roundwounds with a round core. They are clear, bright strings, but are more mellow than the Lo-Riders.

DR lo-rider-reviews

DR Lo-Rider

Lo-Riders are steel roundwounds with hex core. There is a "long-neck" variation, which is tapered. It is also available in nickel, which is more mellow.

DR Fat Beam

DR Fat Beam

Fat Beams are the signature string of innovative, world class bassist Marcus Miller. Check him out, for a variety of reasons, as well as to hear some characteristics of these strings. They are steel roundwound and have a round core. Similar to the hi-beams, smoother and fatter. Reviews cite them as having a tighter bottom end sound and warmer high end.

DR Bootzillas

DR Bootzillas

Bootzillas are the signature string of P-funk mainstay and solo artist Bootsy Collins. Like the Black Beauties these are coated roundwound with a hex core.

DR Black Beauties

DR Black Beauties

Black Beauties are DRs coated strings, which are roundwound with a hex core. The coating claims to make the strings last a lot longer and maintain the bright "new string" sound. Peacock Blue are the blue colored version of DRs coated strings.

Nickel Roundwound:
DR Sunbeams

DR Sunbeams

Sunbeams are nickel roundwounds with a round core. They have gained quite a reputation for use on fretless basses, with glowing reviews on all sorts of bass forums.

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